Experienced BACP Registered Psychotherapist N7

Sarah Bisset Ma Soph Analytical Psychology. MBACP (member of British Association of Counselling Practitioner) PG Dip Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  

Member of Complimentary Medical Association.

My professional experience of psychotherapy practice relates to studies in psychotherapy (Masters Degree, Society Of Psychology and Healing accredited by Middlesex University) The focus of training was integrative developmental Jungian witha PostGrad Diploma in 'Cognitive Behavioural Therapy''.

Dip also in Clinical Hypnosis. UHSC CA.

Practise experience in direct work within two organisations who work therapeutically with families alongside social services and the NHS. 


A keen understanding of a range of issues highly relevant to current practice. These include understanding loss, depression, neurosis, anxiety, stress and negative thinking as well as early development. 

Studies have provided training in techniques for direct work and intervention such as; rational emotive therapy, mindfulness, transpersonal, psychodynamic, dream analysis, active imagination and client support. 


Clinical work has developed valuable skills; direct experience of working with postnatal depression, domestic violence, drug dependency, depression, agoraphobia, social anxiety, attachment issues, relationship issues, childhood trauma.

Experience in creative/integrative therapy with people of all ages and nationalities as well as experience in group sessions and assessment for those who could benefit from therapy. 

5 years working alongside proffesionals from all disciplines including psychologists, psychiatrists and key workers and therefore have a good understanding of trauma, ADHD, emotional development, and current views on psychiatric conditions.

Experienced in teaching mindfulness, meditation and CBT in groups and individually with a focus on development of mindfulness tools for clients that support easy internalisation of concepts to treat anxiety, depression and agoraphobia. 


5 years in private practise working within BACP guidlines. 7 years within a multi disciplinary team meeting outcomes of emotional development, health and educational needs for all ages.

I am inclusive and respect diversity, gay friendly, able and insured to work with all ages.

I have worked with individuals from a diverse range of social economic backgrounds, cultural and ethnic minorities as well as across all religions; treating each person as having a unique history, identity and story, whilst engaging clients in their own solution focused work.   



Therapy co-ordinator /education in a charity organisation, may 2008 to the July 2015.  

Facilitator for communication group of adolescents at risk of school exclusion.

Visiting therapist for children in schools in Camden and Westminster and Brent Primary and Secondary Schools as well as inclusion units. (Delivering psychotherapy and communication groups)  

Co ordinating therapy services for education units developing therapy services, developing overall structure of service. Case management and co ordination of service. Working therapeutically as psychoanalyst and key working;  therapist to support parents & families, as well as therapist to children aged 5-16  and over 16's. co-ordinating education therapy referrals . 



2010 MA SOPH Psychoanalysis at London Guild of Psychotherapy Validated by Middlesex University .  

2009 Accreditation OCN working with families 

2009 Diploma Cognitive Behavioural Therapy SOPH at London Guild of Psychotherapy.  

2006 Woman Making Waves Diploma in Film North East London College.  

1992 U H S CA Dip Hypnosis .

Core Theoretical Framework: Clinical training is informed by an integrative, psychodynamic approach which includes: 1. Freudian and post-Freudian theory on development from infancy and childhood, including Klein, Winnicott, Erickson and Bowlby. 2. Jungian and post-Jungian theory on development of the self. Computer literate .  


Additional CPD Training:  


Building secure states of mind. Dr Gwen Ashwood. 

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and attachment theory.  Dr Felicity Du Zulueta. 

An attachment and mentalisation approach to persistent somatic complaints. Dr Patrick Luyten. 

Training on border line personality disorder. Dr Peter Hobson. 

Psychotherapy for disturbed parent infant relationships . Dr Stella Acquarone.